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About our Management

Vision Goal & Focus

Our goal and focus is to exploit producing oil & gas fields in Russia and abroad ensuring a maximum effective and integrated recovery of hydrocarbon resources.In order to realize this Mission, PJSC Saratov oil Refinery has the following competitive advantages ehich endeavour wide experience in developing complex reservoirs, primarily, fractured basement reservoirs, hydrophobic fractured carbonate reservoirs, terrigenous thin block structures successful experience of cost-effective operations in small fields with out-of-balance development systems; knowledge of the work’s specifics in various regions of the world. Extensive experience in the international oil & gas projects’ implementation, stable longstanding ties with the leading oil companies of Russia and the world, holding within its structure of scientific-research and design organizations as 


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Advance Security & Acceleration


PJSC “Saratov oil Refinery” designed in sacurity management system, which includes various statble of policy in the field of industrial safety, which, in turn, approved the plant's management. The resulting document, among other things, makes demands to the level of staff training to ensure performance of the main production processes of the plant. The company set up examination committees, which by means of a training monitoring system, knowledge test requirements of official duties, manufacturing instructions and regulations on labor protection. This system allows for pre-certification training and certification in the field of industrial safety managers and specialists of the plant. For training and testing of employees of the enterprise in the field of labor was purchased software module "training and testing requirements of labor protection for employees of institutions", through which you can eliminate the so-called "human factor" when checking a wide range of specialist skills. In 2012, specialists from the Department of Industrial Safety Saraton Refinery conducted extensive work on the acceptance into operation of newly constructed objects, their registration in a public register and compulsory insurance of civil liability for damage resulting from an accident or incident at hazardous production facilities.In order to fulfill requirements of the government of the Russian Federation "On approval of requirements to ensure the documentation of control systems of industrial safety" and the Federal Law conrtitution on Saratov Refinery developed documentation management system for industrial safety of production facilities of I and II class of hazard.


 In addition, specialists from the Department of Industrial Plant safety is carried out a comprehensive survey of hazardous production facilities in accordance with the approved schedule. Developed a plan of localization of emergencies, emergency plans for localization of oil spills.

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well sectoral institutes of the fuel-and-energy complex; xperience in working with international oil & gas companies, including as a partner not acting as an operator.In accordance with the current vision, PJSC Saratov oil Refinery seeks to actively build up its competence in the said areas. Therefore, our company sees itself in 2016 as a highly professional owned oil producing company with the world’s level expertise, specializing in development of complex reserves, small fields and assets with out-of-balance development system. PJSC Saratov oil Refinery is a Russian oil and gas company of strategic importance acting for the state’s benefit, consistently developing and possessing a rich history and unique experience of foreign economic activities.